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QuantumWorks Corporation "Digital" Division (for purposes of this web-page QWC and QDC is used interchangeably) is a "digital" solutions, "product innovation and optimal process" development company offering services to create interactive, prototyping, design, entertainment, marketing support, education, edutainment & new resultant business content & products.

For example, QWC excels in analyzing a company's product user group, development, production, marketing & support lifecycle processes & systems.  Then designs full custom solutions or solutions comprised of custom and off-the-shelf application components ( i.e. built on various code bases, such as cross-platform network-able game engine library and in some cases also include non-digital product & process innovations) which will accomplish one or all of the following: increase sales, reduce time to market, improve product functionality, reduce production or support costs.  A majority of these solutions are based on BOTH innovatively applied real-time interactive computer graphics, rich media web and information technologies AND process optimization innovations. QWC has also been hired to inject "product innovation" into product segments which have stagnated and seem to be missing new user trends. 

QWC specializes at engineering a final product through first developing a series of product designs and prototypes, simulations and/or virtual prototypes, to iteratively develop the optimal product solutions for it's clients, with the lowest overall project risk.  ( Michael Schrage's book, "Serious Play" eloquently describes this type of application and product prototyping methodology & it's potential pervasive impact on organizations themselves )  QWC has even gone further to develop new software, technology, as in, for example in one case, developed a new interactive graphics system called ConceptMaster™ for a Fortune 100 client, to improve the front-end of the product prototyping process and lower overall content development cost and risk in developing the most effective content.  This example application of this technology was under development for one of the largest advertisers in the world today with the "product" being various length advertising spots. Similar work was done for one of the largest shoe design and manufacturing companies in the world and many other consumer product design and development and engineering companies. QWC has also been asked to mentor design teams on "how to think and create product innovation."

The ConceptMaster technology allows, rapid 2D and 3D digital storyboarding, content design, prototyping, & pre-visualization or pre-visualization (CRP - concept rapid prototyping). This technology can be used by creatives and others wishing to rapidly prototype, pre-visualize advertising ideas, presentation content &  new products in use. The complete ConceptMaster™ system, designed by QWC during the past 5 years working with companies such as Procter & Gamble, Hasbro Toys, AT&T, etc., facilitates a complete rapid cycle of content creation, web/set-top based refined target audience testing, post-test analysis, and content tweaking/optimization to allow users to optimize their product, advertising, ideas, & concepts prior to investing in full product developments. 

Another QWC technology example is Geppetto, which when introduced, was the first P.C. based 3D computer graphics authoring and performance tool focusing on facial and character animation through real-time live action performance - which can dramatically reduce the cost of creating long form digital character animation. 

QWC also specializes in the development of custom "Presentations" & "Gaming-based" computer graphics based applications, such as; interactive computer/video games for Web/PC; 3D character animation game engines; performance based character animation for Web/PC & live-performance presentations.

For information, please send e-mail to: QuantumWorks Corporation ("info at quantumworks dot com") or contact our main offices in San Diego, California at e-mail for ->      Voice Phone: (619)-438-0018        Fax: (858)-xxx-xxxx

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