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July 5, 2018
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Electric Vehicle Powertrain Systems Engineering for Performance and the Challenges When Comparing to ICE Powertrain Performance

admin    Drive Subsystems ESS (battery subsystems) Feature Powertrain
by S.E.Tice… Why do electric powertrains not perform like ICE (internal combustion engine) powered ones in track situations?  (however for drag racing, high performance electric vehicles do just fine).  What’s this “throttling” all about w.r.t. BEV range, performance, and charging capability?   Fielding questions like this, there seems to be continual...
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April 26, 2018
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Multi-speed gearboxes can offer many benefits for EV powertrains depending on application

admin    Drive Subsystems Energy Efficiency Feature Powertrain
by S.E.Tice… Electric motors have full torque at 0 rpm and a much wider operating RPM range than ICEs (internal combustion engines).  Despite this feature, the efficiency of electric motors still varies at different speeds – they operate at a peak efficiency of around 90-95% but this can fall to...
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