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QuantumWorks Corporation Digital Division's prime focus is, through the use of innovatively developed and applied real-time computer graphics visualization, to help companies increase sales, reduce "product" production costs and reduce time to market with new "products".  We broadly define "product" as inclusive of "digital products"; such as 3D computer graphics content, for say, computer/video games and TV broadcast or live animation on the web; to "physical products"; such as government-use and consumer products as diverse as; vehicles, apparel, shoes, watches, sunglasses, sporting goods, architecture, space craft, electronics, etc.  

QuantumWorks is constantly looking to develop new concepts, approaches, content production tools, media content, products and projects using real-time interactive graphics technology to bring education, entertainment and edutainment to more compelling, engaging and ultimately more rewarding levels for target audiences. On the entertainment projects we have worked on in the past we have always attempted to add rewarding educational components to the content, where appropriate.  QuantumWorks believes the process of creating is equally as important as the final result, and we are looking to work with companies and people who share a similar vision. 

For example, through use of QWC technology and services, companies can become high output, high quality 3D animation content web-based production studios through creation and integration of advanced tools. This includes a special focus on rapidly creating educational and entertaining content using digital characters, props, assets, with a "3D-look" and/or "cel-shaded-look" for web-sites with various implementation options including dynamic streaming of animation and audio content and live performed and streamed content.




1 - QWC is seeking experienced, entrepreneurial senior business/project development talent, with proposal/grant writing experience/success, & strong technical background, to take three internally developed projects to their next level. 

2 - Time to time QWC is looking for freelance grant writers, senior Windows and graphics 3D programmers, 3D modelers, MAX/MAYA/LW animators, senior C/C++, senior MoCap artists/TDs, senior web media programmers, texture map 2D/3D artists.

3 - Are you interested in breaking into the game industry ?   QWC is looking for Interns with experience in 3D modeling and animation, to help on two projects: a new 3D Edutainment title and a new Action/Adventure game title.   QWC is a small company developing new innovative titles.  Some of the work may involve pre-production research and documentation prior to specific 3D database production.  We will be flexible around school schedules, however occasional meetings at various locations in San Diego area will be required.  You must provide your own transportation to and from these locations.  You must be at least 16 years old, optionally enrolled part-time or full-time in an accredited academic institution (college) and have your own animation/modeling software tools and computer.  You will be managed by seasoned game and software industry team members who will definitely make your experience rewarding in terms of educational/career guidance as well as the actual work to be performed.  Use the link below to send us your resume and links to sample work.

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