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QuantumWorks Corporation offers custom graphics software development, specializing in 3D graphics based PC and web-based rich media applications, intended for "human users", ranging from new authoring tools (such as the SpotMaster tool shown on left), games, engineering product simulation to animation plug-in design. (SpotMaster sample Mr. Clean video click here , ERA sample , SWIFFER sample)

For needed software intended for human users, an important part of our services, is to help our clients spend their development funds wisely, by focusing our "modified spiral/iterative" software development methods, not only on the actual application development, but also to use these development methods on the creation of the
OPTIMAL APPLICATION DESIGN, prior to commencing relatively expensive software development. This strategy has been proven by industry leaders to not only save companies immediate development funds but over the product lifecycle, through actual usage, greater savings are realized. (Reference of similar design methodologies - Stanford University lecture by Dr. William "Bill" Buxton : )

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