Geppetto Specifications

Integration into Real-Time Applications

Geppetto technology is available in object and source code libraries that can be integrated into games, Web based 3D live performances or other applications. And, straight-forward licensing and custom service agreements makes this hassle free.

Virtual Celebrity Productions and QuantumWorks integrated Geppetto technology into a new "vision feedback animation system" introduced in the following paper: Takács Barnabas, Thomas Fromherz, Dimitris Metaxas, Steve E. Tice, "Digital Clones and Virtual Celebrities: Facial Tracking, Gesture Recognition and Animation for the Movie Industry", ICCV'99, 1999. ICCV99.pdf (~600K)


Additional Features


Geppetto System Specifications

Rendering Speed
Renders 15,000 textured polygon characters at 30 fps or more optimized for nVidia line of graphics adapters
Viewpoint Output
640 x 480 to 1600 x 1200 resolution available with nVidia line of graphics adapters.
Operating Systems
Windows 2000 and Windows NT
Recommended CPU
266 MHz Pentium II minimum
Graphics Adapter/3D Renderer

nVidia line of graphics adapters,  QWC proprietary and OpenGL

Face tracker
Motion Analysis Corporation
6 DOF Positioner
Digital Image Design Monkey Arm, Trackball, Logitech Magellan, Shooting Star Arm
Other Input Devices
Ascension, Polhemus, Vicon, Motion Analysis, body trackers; 16 Slider MIDI controller, MIDI devices, Game Pedals and Joysticks, 5DT Glove.

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