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QuantumWorks Digital Division

This division, doing business as QuantumWorks Digital Corporation, was the first business unit established under the QuantumWorks Corporation title in 1993 specializing in designing and developing the following: digital entertainment content; innovative cross platform networkable real-time 3D computer graphics software for business product lifecycle applications ( using 3D game engine technology for non-gaming applications, i.e. design prototyping, virtual product line review, virtual product sampling, visual simulation, marketing, sales, networked training education simulators, etc. ); software tools and applications; and computer/digital related hardware products (i.e. "Virtual Reality" type input devices). 

An important part of our services, is to help our clients spend their development funds wisely, by focusing our "iterative" product/application development methods, not only on the actual product/application development, but also to use these development methods on the creation of the OPTIMAL DESIGN, prior to commencing relatively expensive product development. This strategy has been proven by industry leaders to not only save companies immediate development funds but over the product lifecycle, through actual usage, greater savings are realized.

The company prides itself in its design and technology expertise, but more importantly in its project execution success spanning the various projects it has undertaken - a proven track record of competent risk reduction project management  - producing promised results on time and within budget. In addition, we provide contract design and development services of new products and applications of new technologies looking for new product development. Additionally, we provide business development mentoring in applicable subject domain fields aiding companies developing their Executive Summary Business Plan presentations for acquisition of funding.

Please go to the "Company Info page" to learn about some of our past projects and to this YouTube site to review some examples of the range of projects produced by QuantumWorks for it's clients.

QuantumWorks AeroMech Division

This division, abbreviated as QAC (d.b.a. as QuantumWorks AeroMech Corporation - "AeroMech - Aerospace Mechanical Engineering"), is developing aerospace and terrestrial vehicle products and technologies partnered with the "best in class" craftsmen in the industry. In addition, we provide contract design and development services of new products and applications of new technologies looking for new product development. Additionally, we provide business development mentoring in applicable subject domain fields aiding companies developing their Executive Summary Business Plan presentations for acquisition of funding.

QWC has contributed to the Hybrid Electric Powertrain system developments at various companies, most notably, EVDrive (offices/labs in Portland, Oregon area and San Diego, CA.)   QWC staff headed up development of electric powersports products for MotoVox/APT where some of these 2-wheel and generator products and the AWD e-UTV engineering feasibility prototype were developed, which is discussed below.  With QWC support EVDrive has engineered and built a number of milestone electric and hybrid electric vehicles, and in many cases led the technical design and analysis of the prototype powertrains - one most notable is a powersports industry milestone in UTVs a.k.a. Side by Side vehicles - a vehicle capable of high performance high and low speed torque vectoring and "zero-radius-turns" to get riders out of tight spots on and off the trail - see this video.  Also quite notable, EVDrive has built an "oem-like" in quality finish and performance BMW e46 3-series conversions on the road today as one of their TECHNOLOGY TESTBEDs with 100 mile all-electric range with a "typical driving style" and performance exceeding his original BMW 3-series and then the rest of the ~300 mile range provided by the gas powered optimized efficiency REX (range extender) located totally concealed in the spare tire well - all systems work as before. 

QWC's 7 module scale-able CANbus controlled, IP67 liquid-cooled powertrains are called QWCDrive-Trains, which can be scaled and configured for any performance level up to 3,200hp total for BEV (all-electric), and both types of Hybrid powertrains, Series PHEV and Parallel PHEV (FYI, 2014, is the "year of high performance hybrid powertrains", proven for high performance with Parallel PHEV powertrains used in production hypercars (all sold out as of mid-2014!) and race machines, most notably, those used in the Porsche Spyder 918 production hypercar, but also used in the McLaren P1 and LaFerrari hypercars).    The QWCDrive-Train architecture has continued to advance and evolve as a result of successful almost daily use tests/tech upgrades/etc. with all the TESTBEDS which use it.  For example, the latest tech used in the in-house developed BMS part of the ESS (Energy Storage sub-system) or Battery sub-system, is now part of the QWCDrive-Train tech suite - a unique low-cost "active non-dissipative" design.     The QWCDrive-Train is engineered to be as near OEM quality as possible and provides the foundation of all electric and hybrid/electric conversions QWC does today and can be applied to a wide range of applications, such as luxury performance sedans, luxury sport SUVs like Range Rovers, Escalade, Land Cruisers, etc. and commercial Class 1 to 8 trucks and buses.   Range extender modules for these all-electric conversions, allows these converted vehicles to not only match and exceed the performance of the original OEM vehicle, but also match their range as well.  QWC and its San Diego Arizona team are also developing some unique projects such as the APT/QWC/EVD Zero Radius Turn capable Torque Vectoring vehicles, the "Porsche 918 of motorcycles" and "Quiet Genset Hybrid Power Center".     Let us know what vehicles you want converted and QWC will see how our collective expertise and experience can be applied to your project.

Related to our consulting and partnering activities to produce new innovative products, some examples are: Modular Battery System Design for EFS, Canada shown here, and all battery electric cars and trucks, QWC partnered in the past with SSIC-Racing to produce a proven set of leading vehicle offerings pictured below

On the Aerospace side, one example is a new World class Helicopter designed specifically for international manufacturer licensing and sales.  The vehicle will be  FAA type certified and will be offered in three engine configurations; piston, single turbine and dual turbine. 

Related to terrestrial vehicles (2, 3 or 4 wheeled motorcycles, cars, SUVs, trucks, etc.), applications of our Systems Engineering, Mechanical/Aeronautical, Electrical Engineering and Manufacturing expertise is being applied as well. Our belief is that building electric vehicles that demonstrate, at a minimum the same or optimally more performance, than their internal combustion engine (ICE) powered brethren, is the only way to convince consumers that breaking our addiction to oil today.

This goal is not only achievable, but fun and economical in the long run - and good for the planet. Making sure our products can perform and last on the street, one of our partners now holds 5 electric vehicle world records for electric drag racing with NEDRA.com and has built conversions to high performance all electric (BEV) or Plug-in hybrid (PHEV) ranging from dirt-bikes, street bikes, TTXGP top competitors, sports cars, hotrods to SUVs.

With our team, conversions or retro-fits of Class 8 Semi and Class 6 and 7 trucks have been completed - which will save incredible amounts of fuel and cut down huge amounts of emissions. For example, for Vision Motors Industries one prototype was built allowing trucks waiting in lines at borders, ports and terminals, to shut down their diesels for extended periods of time while they queue (For more information go to this page - Search for "vision", or go to page 4 of this .pdf) Other more recent conversions has been done by one of our strategic partners.

Please go to the "Company Info page" to review examples of the range of projects QWC has been involved with and ones under various stages of development.

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