QuantumWorks Corporation (QWC)
QuantumWorks Corporation (QWC) is a California company that was established in 1993 with the mission to bring innovation and “out of the box” thinking to design, process, multidisciplinary technology solutions, technical management and engineering development. Back when “waterfall” technical project development was the status quo, the company employed the risk mitigation techniques of iterative development for its client projects. Our team has been providing creative content development, engineering, unique technology and management consultation to a diverse range of technology based industries. We develop and manage teams of “world-class” technology providers, on a project by project basis, to satisfy the most challenging projects. Steve Tice, QWC’s founder has co-founded a diverse set of technology companies and was notably the co-founder of electric powertrain pioneer, EVDrive Inc., where he technically managed many of its milestones projects along with his co-founder who led the engineering and actual prototype powertrain builds. QWC has assembled a team of world-class companies to offer customers the best expertise for the systems integration and custom development, if required, of the key components of electric and hybrid powertrains.

Some of these industries/products and services are: clean and high performance transportation via electric and hybrid vehicles, powersports vehicles (AWD e-UTV, e-mini bikes, e-motorcycles), manned and unmanned (UAVs, drones) small aircraft, artificial reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) content and systems, VR based video games and systems, real-time performance animation presentation systems, performance animation content creation, rapid video advertising content creation systems and photo-realistic virtual celebrity content creation and presentation systems.

Our focus today is in the following:

Providing complete engineered custom powertrains and sub-systems for high performance clean transportation as in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Supporting our UAV partner ConSTAR-UAS in developing unique solutions for Fire Management, Detection, Suppression — Law Enforcement — Emergency Medical Services — Utilities, Code Compliance, and Infrastructure Management — Natural Resources Management.

Artificial Reality, Metal 3D printing and other technologies to improve quality and speed of product conceptualization, design, analysis, validation, production and testing.

Technology and Systems Development Management, Mentoring and Business Plan Consultation

ELECTRIC and HYBRID POWERTRAIN development – Our teams have the ability to take the best vehicles in almost every category and replace their ICE (internal combustion engine) powertrains with high performance electric and hybrid drive train solutions. Our components are based on a modular architecture that (in a number of cases) has the potential to outperform the ICE that was replaced.

We enjoy engineering vehicle powertrains for OEMs who are interested in selling multiple vehicles, AND we also provide services in creating one-off custom vehicles for non-commercial customers, especially those that intend to set new industry milestones, such as for special TV programming and record-breaking attempts.

Lastly, we believe that those companies and individuals interested in doing their own electric vehicle conversions, should purchase parts and subsystems from companies like QuantumWorks and its partners, who actually use the parts and sub-systems in our own projects we develop for customers and OEMs.

EVDrive, American Performance Technologies, MotoVox, Electron Fuel Systems, Simulis, N2AMotors, Viewpoint, Nike, MC Squared, Hasbro, Procter & Gamble, Patterson Consulting, Virtual Celebrity Productions, NorGroup, Motion Analysis.

Design, Engineering and Technology in Other Industries – Past Projects


Overview – old web page

Aerospace projects – UAV, UAS, Helicopter and VSTOL vehicle design – old web page – QWC supporting new UAS development examples – Early Fire Detection , Rapid fuels volume estimations, etc.

Electric Vehicle Subsystems, Powertrains and Conversions – PHEV “Lambo Diablo Supercar”

PHEV “Lambo Diablo Supercar” Details – a vehicle QuantumWorks can still offer today – please inquire if interested


QWC Digital Division Past Projects Overview


Real-time Computer graphics projects – video games, AR (artificial reality), VR (virtual reality), aerospace design and assembly verification systems, rapid content creation systems, etc.

-> First Virtual Reality 3D Gaming System – Hasbro “Sliced Bread Project, “Toaster”, Xscape” or last name given to project “Rush” – video ad1video ad2 video ad3project history


QuantumWorks team were pioneers in real-time “Performance Animation” for both live presentations at trade shows, corporate meetings, sporting events, etc and for rapid content creation for web streaming, video games, etc.       Performance Animation for Live Shows, e.g Trade shows, Comedy, etc. – W.C.Fields Video      Performance animation for education and rehab     Rapid (<24 hours turnaround) Animation production sample of a Daily Internet Newscaster

QuantumWorks Completes Prototype System for Second Largest U.S. Advertiser As Part of Revolutionary Cost Saving Advertising Development System





Getting You the Right Electric Powertrain Parts & Subsystems


Powertrain Subsystems and Parts – when you are engineering your own electric and hybrid subsystems, consider lowering your project risk by purchasing from a team that uses what it sells. Below is a list of the categories of the most of the most popular powertrain parts we sell. These categories of parts and subsystems are what our customers have been purchasing from us for their own electric and hybrid powertrain projects: Drive Subsystems – motor/controller-inverter/gearbox; Energy Storage Subsystems (ESS) – (Battery subsystem); Power Distribution Units (PDU) – fusing, power control; Charging subsystems; VCUs or ECUs – e-powertrain or vehicle control unit (separate from chassis ECU) – optionally can be included within motor-controller programming; HMIs – Human Machine Interface Subsystems – Touchscreen interface to e-powertrain; Accessories Support subsystems – e.g. DC-DC, electric-a/c, e-pto, e-hydraulic, e-brake vac pump, e-pwr steering pump, etc.

Custom Electric and Hybrid Powertrains

Our teams have engineered BEV (Battery-all-electric or Hybrid, either Parallel or Series powertrains, which use a REX for new OEMs, existing OEMs and high performance and vintage vehicle customers. We use a Phased Development strategy to go from the analysis of customer’s electric or hybrid electric powertrain requirements and present prototype options, which we call Phase 0; then we build prototype(s) for Phase 1; then refine prototype in Phase 2 post testing; then Phase 3 low volume production; then transfer knowledge to customer for local production, if appropriate, which we call the Phase 4 – this document summarizes this Phased development.