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Service – Custom Complete Engineered Powertrains

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Prior to development of any new powertrain design and potentially any new required technologies, is a well thought out top-down systems engineering and tradeoff analysis using the complete set of customer short and long term project requirements.  This exercise will give the customer such data as performance, features, development lead-time, cost impacts in volume production and cost options.  In some cases, if relevant, competitive landscape and technical evaluations are required to assist customers refine their requirements to attain their long term product objectives.  For more information on our Phased Custom powertrain development strategy, refer to this document.

Custom powertrain options – All-electric or sometimes referred to as “Battery-Electric Vehicle” (BEV) powertrains, as Tesla Motors uses in all of their vehicles, are the most expensive to custom build but QWC can help minimize costs by using secondary market auto OEM parts.

Here is an example of one of our projects for a new OEM where “secondary market auto OEM parts” is not an option, as they need to use “brand new parts” and need to produce vehicles they can offer typical warranties to their customers.

Custom engineered electric and hybrid powertrains are ideally suited for either a vintage or hot rod project or a new OEM vehicle.  Three general system voltage ranges are typical and here you can examine the power and torque outputs possible with some of the systems we use in our projects.  Webpage  or TABLE