QuantumWorks Corporation

Thank you for your interest in QuantumWorks Corporation. QuantumWorks Corporation will now be doing the Electric Vehicle Conversion Work previously done by EVDrive - the co-founder of EVDrive is the co-founder of QuantumWorks - all of our social media pages have already been re-branded.

We specialize in High Performance Electric & Hybrid Powertrain Conversions & Custom Powertrains for new vehicles. We engineer optimized, scaleable, modular, high-performance all-electric and hybrid powertrains, not simply collections of components, for a wide range of applications. Our brand new website is under construction and days away from launching. For immediate inquiries, please SEND e-mail info@quantumworks.com and or CALL 619-438-0018(texts and whatsapp accepted) and we will get in touch with you shortly. Again thank you for your interest in our company, products and services. Please feel free to reference our old website at http://quantumworks.com/old_index.html .