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Complete Engineered Plug n Play Powertrains for Specific Applications

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-> Our kits really do come pre-wired with only plugs to plug into and ready to drop into VW Bugs/Vans vs. most competitor kits are not pre-wired, all wire/cable and connectors/terminals are loose, so customer needs to cut and make all wire harnesses

-> Kits come with a complete installation video to show the customer how to install kit themselves step by step vs. most competitor kits that simply sell you a pallet of components with a wiring diagram, ​but no real instructions on how exactly to properly create all wired connections, mount all parts, sequence of operations and start-up of the powertrain, etc.

-> Kit has a BMS based ESS ​to maintain and extend battery life, a large part of the kit cost/ investment by the customer

-> More Energy for more Range with ~32​ kWh ESS and higher quality battery cell tech using high performance 18650 cells vs. most competitor kits use only ~22kWh consisting of low energy density ( heavier for same energy) ​LiFePO4 prismatic cells

-> Higher system voltage for more efficiency of 144Vdc vs. ~96Vdc most competitors use

Contact us for more complete plug ‘n play kits in various stages of development