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Custom Electric & Hybrid Powertrains


    • Drive subsystem – motor/controller-inverter/gearbox
    • Energy Storage subsystem (ESS) – (Battery subsystem)
    • Power Distribution Unit (PDU) – fusing, power control
    • Charging subsystem – AC and DC Fast charge
    • VCU or ECU – e-powertrain or vehicle control unit (separate from chassis ECU) – optionally can be included within motor-controller programming
    • HMIHuman Machine Interface Subsystem – Touchscreen interface to e-powertrain
    • Accessories Support subsystem – e.g. DC-DC, electric-a/c, e-pto, e-hydraulic, e-brake vac pump, e-pwr steering pump, etc.
    • Range Extender (REX) – for Series PHEV powertrains – optional
    • Sound Simulation subsystem – optional

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