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Complete Engineered Plug n Play Powertrains for Specific Applications

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VW Van and Bug kits


-> Our kits really do come pre-wired with only plugs to plug into and ready to drop into donor vehicles vs. most competitor kits are not pre-wired, all wire/cable and connectors/terminals are loose, so customer needs to cut and make all wire harnesses

-> Kits come with a complete installation video to show the customer how to install kit themselves step by step vs. most competitor kits that simply sell you a pallet of components with a wiring diagram, ​but no real instructions on how exactly to properly create all wired connections, mount all parts, sequence of operations and start-up of the powertrain, etc.

-> Kit has a BMS based ESS ​to maintain and extend battery life, a large part of the kit cost/ investment by the customer

-> More Energy for more Range with ~32​ kWh ESS and higher quality battery cell tech using high performance 18650 cells vs. most competitor kits use only ~22kWh consisting of low energy density ( heavier for same energy) ​LiFePO4 prismatic cells

-> Higher system voltage for more efficiency of 144Vdc vs. ~96Vdc most competitors use


SE40V2.0 144Vdc Electric Outboard kit – Ideal for powering vessels under 20 feet such as RIBs,  Pontoon boats Jon boats, where 40hp gas outboards are used for up to ~30mph. 

Specs: 40hp/30kW at the prop.  20″ shaft length.  Battery system (ESS) 144Vdc nominal – should be minimum ~26kWh (can be less for low performance duty cycle applications), 200 Amp continuous, 300 Amp peak (not included in this package) – max 180Vdc charging top-off.  179lb/81kg total weight.  Electric trim and tilt.  Liquid-cooled controller and brushless PMAC motor  (same as used in our QWC/SEV-55kW peak drive subsystem kit)  Bluetooth wireless app.  Lower unit is a version of a Yamaha compatible design so all traditional lower unit parts can be purchased at your local Yamaha parts dealer.  Throttle and custom cable set also included in this package.  Here’s the best part, this electric outboard has all the power of the market leader “Deep Blue 40” at the approximate price range of the market leader Cruise 10.0, finally an affordable solution!  (NOTE: When ordering, we will need to get specific boat length for custom cable set that is included in package.  Boat should be under 1,000 lbs gross vehicle weight with e-outboard, ESS passengers and cargo and transom rated for at least 40hp.)

Complete systems with 26~32kWh, 200 Amp continuous, 300 Amp peak, lithium-ion marine battery system (ESS) are available as well.  This Electric Outboard can be run at lower throttle settings with smaller capacity ESS (energy storage systems a.k.a. the battery system) for less running times.

Buying Old Outboard Technology Is Going To Cost You More In the Long Run Than a Clean, Powerful, Maintenance-free Electric Outboard system.


Contact us for more complete plug ‘n play kits in various stages of development