INVESTMENT – QuantumWorks team has some unique products in various stages of development (e.g. all-electric conversion kits, hybrid upfit kits, modular ESS, etc.) and is actively seeking investment to take these to market – contact us for more information

Milestone Technology Developments working with world-class teams

QWC focus and expertise in high end zero compromise electric drive trains often leads to need to develop new technologies to achieve customer goals.  Prior to development of any new powertrain design and potentially new required technologies, is a well thought out top-down systems engineering and tradeoff analysis using the complete set of customer short and long term project requirements.  In some cases, competitive landscape and technical evaluations are required to assist customers refine their requirements to attain their long term product objectives.

Some of the more recent projects include development of new technologies using optimal control of one motor per rear wheel torque vectoring.   This new Electronic Differential technology for rear-wheel drive (1 motor per rear wheel) was developed for this e-track/sports car project, which delivers torque vectoring, electronic stability control and traction control for improved high performance handling.  In addition, this project utilizes active chiller cooling for the ESS to maintain temperatures for higher continuous power delivery.

Past work, QWC consulting for powersports company MotoVox managing their e-Vehicles development, led QWC to choose EVDrive in 2012 to co-develop this unique project. At that time, this was an industry first, one electric motor per wheel, 4×4 AWD Torque Vectoring powertrain, which involved, evaluating and then converting a top OEM 4-seat UTV (side-by-side), the Teryx-4 from Kawasaki.  The new technology developed for this project was the AWD torque vectoring control using one motor per wheel.  With this unique powertrain, the vehicle can deliver higher levels of safety, and pushes the boundaries of performance required being the first “Zero Radius Turn UTV” ever demonstrated.   This all-electric powertrain prototype was designed for series PHEV (using a custom efficient motorcycle engine based REX – range extender).  This high Powered Electric 4 seat Teryx4 UTV (side by side) (PHEV capable) with AWD Torque Vectoring and 1 motor per wheel inboard (where they should be), uses 4 of our QWC/SEV-35kW peak-132Vdc drive sub-systems, totaling 140kW or 188hp peak, powering the Teryx4 UTV/side-by-side off-road vehicle as a tech demonstration of this new technology.

Two other systems we offer are ideally suited for this 4×4 architecture which could be engineered for UTVs and other vehicles, that is: 4 x QWC/SEV-50kW peak-96Vdc for 200kW or 268hp peak total power or 4 x QWC/SEV-55kW peak for 220kw or 295hp peak total power.

ZERO RADIUS TURN UTV Video -> –  (for fun, zero radius turn capability on asphalt (video)  as well, good for emergencies, not good for your tires).

Past work, QWC consulting (also the co-founder) for EVDrive –  Another milestone torque vectoring technology project was the design and analysis for the prototype powertrain EVDrive developed for the the Nikola One prototype  (QWC staff technically managing for EVDrive), specifically, the AWD 6×6 1200hp powertrain part of the prototype project (one motor per wheel – clutchless 2 spd custom gearbox on each motor), of this zero emission hybrid electric long haul semi-truck, that aims to fundamentally change how freight is transmitted globally from the perspective of cost, performance, safety and environmental impact.  For this project many new technologies were designed/engineered, such as the 4 x 80kWh custom ESS (another pix) , custom DC-DC (another pix), the PDUscustom ESS chiller, high performance active cooling system and many other sub-systems.  The novel powertrain used a custom 320kW gas turbine as its Range Extender (REX).

Past work, QWC consulting (also the co-founder) for EVDrive – Electric Corvette C6 Sets Another World Electric Vehicle Land Speed Record – ANOTHER RECORD BROKEN FEB 16, 2017 – NEW STANDING MILE SPEED RECORD AT 209 MPH!    700+hp RWD Custom EVDrive-Train™ powered Z06 c6 Corvette pre-production prototype for Genovation Cars, NOW HOLDS TWO RECORDS – Earlier this year, the car Set New Street Legal World Electric Car Record in a standing mile driven by Johnny Bohmer reaching 186.8 mph , Custom ESSs ->  AND THEN BREAKS ITS OWN TOP SPEED RECORD and sets a new record WITH 205.6 ON JULY 27, 2016 in a running mile  (VIDEO ->  ) The car did 189.451 mph in the standing mile breaking its standing mile record of 186.8 set earlier this year. The 205.6 mph was the final top speed which took ~1.5 miles – Press Release.  VIDEO of 206.5mph top speed run -> (re: difference in top speed between a standing mile and a running mile – a C6 ZR1 Corvette can reach 202 mph in a running mile, but only 179 mph in the standing mile)  Latest records will be officially posted on this site –>   Get more information on reserving your $750,000 copy of the car at the Genovation Cars website.

Genovation Recording Breaking 1.0 Prototype

Past work, QWC consulting (also the co-founder) for EVDrive – Electric “Harley Street Glide” RWD tour/parade/law enforcement event bike prototype for OEM – Electric touring bike concept designed and built by EVDrive – EVD110LV drive sub-system plus custom gearbox, cooling system and liquid-cooled ESS (battery/BMS sub-system) (if greenlit for production, design will be quite different with custom frame, sculpted cosmetic side panels, etc)  Test run video – 

Past work, QWC consulting (also the co-founder) for EVDrive – Toyota LC HZJ79 4×4 truck production truck conversion kits – Delivery of first production run of kits from EVDrive to ENS Industrial (OEM customer – gallery), began in 2016, and ENS installed the kits in the trucks to deliver to its Canadian Mining OEM customers.  This BEV (“battery electric vehicle” or called “all-electric”) powertrain uses a 68kWh battery sub-system (or called “ESS”).  Of significance is the compact onboard 70kW Fast Charger, AN INDUSTRY MILESTONE.  Walkaround video of production truck #1 –  Custom ESSs developed for this specific application -> ,

Electric Vehicle Development for U.S. Big Box Product Manufacturer – / American Performance Technologysample products , MBX-10e minibike

Standardized Swap-able Battery Module, Vehicle Carrier and Charging System Design for Electron Fuel Systems – this exciting project targeted fleets where their vehicles could be upgraded to hybrid by addition of a driveline electric motor plus swappable battery module system.  The vehicle  mounted battery module carrier contained the WEG (water-ethyl-glycol) cooling loop and the battery modules thermal heat transfer occurs through conductive contact with the carrier interface walls to the battery module.

Custom Complete Engineered Powertrains technologies – BEV (Battery-all-electric) or Hybrid, either Parallel or Series which uses a REX – contact us for pricing and lead-time

Typically a complete electric/hybrid powertrain consists of these subsystems:

Drive Subsystems – motor/controller-inverter/gearbox

Energy Storage Subsystems (ESS) – Battery subsystem

Power Distribution Unit (PDU)  – fusing, power control

Charging subsystems

VCU or ECU – e-powertrain or vehicle control unit (separate from chassis ECU) – optionally can be included within motor-controller programming

HMI – Human Machine Interface Subsystem – Touchscreen interface to e-powertrain

Accessories Support subsystem

Range Extender (REX) subsystem – for Series PHEV powertrains – optional

Sound Simulation subsystem – optional

Drive Subsystems

Motor types/topologies – Axial Flux (AF) vs Radial Flux (RF) motors of these two types we use and only sell brushless varieties including induction, PMAC, BLDC.

LV – low-voltage – 96-144Vdc

MV – medium voltage – 300-400Vdc

HV – high-voltage – 400-800Vdc

Gearboxes – both “off-the-shelf” (OTS) or Custom are available

Electronic Differential RWD subsystems – typically will include motors, controller-inverters/gearboxes, software on a VCU and HMI to control the subsystem.  Example subsystem overview (sensors not shown)

Energy Storage Subsystems (ESS) – Battery subsystem or parts.  Typically a complete ESS includes cells/cell modules, BMS (Battery Management System), Cooling and Enclosure(s)

Power Distribution Unit (PDU) – typically custom engineered per application

Charging Subsystems

Level 1 – 110Vac 15-20 amp service

Level 2 – 220Vac 30-40 amp service

DCFC – DC Fast Charge (not officially called “Level 3” – CHAdeMO or SAE Combo – CCS Type 1 and Type 2

VCU or ECU functionality – e-powertrain or vehicle control (separate from chassis ECU)

Software developed on inverter/controllers

Software developed in low level language on specific VCU hardware

Software developed on modeling language environment  (MatLab/Simulink) to  run on many types of VCU hardware

HMI – Human Machine Interface Subsystem – Touchscreen interface to e-powertrain – typically custom design per application with various screen sizes and type hardware available OTS (off-the-shelf)

Accessories Support subsystem – typically include HV DC to LV DC (system/ESS voltage to 12/24Vdc), electric-a/c, e-pto, e-hydraulic, e-brake vac pump, e-pwr steering pump, cooling pumps, chiller/heaters for ESS, etc. – contact us for specific parts, pricing and lead-time electric a/c example

Range Extender (REX) – for Series PHEV powertrains

Design, Engineering, Technology Development Management Consulting in Other Industries – Past Projects

Overview – old web page

Aerospace projects – UAV, UAS, Helicopter and VSTOL vehicle design – old web page – QWC supporting new UAS development examples – Early Fire Detection , Rapid fuels volume estimations, etc.

Electric Vehicle Subsystems, Powertrains and Conversions – PHEV “Lambo Diablo Supercar”

PHEV “Lambo Diablo Supercar” Details – a vehicle QuantumWorks can still offer today – please inquire if interested

QWC Digital Division Past Projects Overview

Real-time Computer graphics projects – video games, AR (artificial reality), VR (virtual reality), aerospace design and assembly verification systems, rapid content creation systems, etc.

-> First Virtual Reality 3D Gaming System – Hasbro “Sliced Bread Project, “Toaster”, Xscape” or last name given to project “Rush”   ||  video ad1   ||   video ad2   ||   video ad3    ||   IEEE project history

-> One of the first real-time Assembly Procedures Simulators (developed under Northrop/Air Force AAAP program) called “ASSEMBLY MODELEr” allowed product designers and assembly planners to verify a preliminary design for manufacturability and assembly planning was shown at 1st ever interactive venue at SIGGRAPH 1991 which took place 7/29/1991-8/2/1991 in Las Vegas called Tomorrow’s Realities Gallery co-chaired by Steve Tice, co-founder of SimGraphics (VR focus) and Gary Beirne of Alias Research (HyperMedia focus)   ||    MIT Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments Volume 1 | Issue 1 | Winter 1992 p.154-156.   ||   

Results from use of the ASSEMBLY MODELER analysis often drove changes in a design to lower cost of assembly.  This system used a SimGraphics invented (by Steve Tice, Mike Fusco and team) “Flying Mouse”, a 6DOF input device which provided tactile feedback to the user when a collision of virtual object occured and 3D Stereo glasses viewing a large screen.  System could also have been implemented with the VPL VR headset system available to SimGraphics at that time, however image quality and update rate were not a high enough level for use in real production work situations.  During this time period, this FSL BOOM image display system could have provided required minimum performance but was never tried and certainly today’s VR headsets would be applicable such as FSL Wide5HMD, Oculus, Vive, etc. driven by a 60fps real-time Unity CAD/CAE graphic simulation engine.

QuantumWorks team were pioneers in real-time “Performance Animation” for both live presentations at trade shows, corporate meetings, sporting events, etc and for rapid content creation for web streaming, video games, etc.   ||  Performance Animation for Live Shows, e.g Trade shows, Comedy, etc. – W.C.Fields Video    ||    Performance animation for education and rehab    ||    Rapid (<24 hours turnaround) Animation production sample of a Daily Internet Newscaster    || Digital Clones and Virtual Celebrities

QuantumWorks Completes Prototype System for Second Largest U.S. Advertiser As Part of Revolutionary Cost Saving Advertising Development System – presentation on the system –  sample screens        Sample spots created in less than 60 minutes using SpotMaster/Spot-On  ||   Mr. Clean  ||  Swiffer   ||  ERA  ||