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End to End Energy Cycle Efficiency – Do All-Electric Vehicles (BEVs) really Win?

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by S.E.Tice…

“The conclusion is that All-Electric Vehicles (BEVs) beat the fleet average ICE vehicle hands down in every group of states they evaluated, on a full lifecycle emissions basis, and in fact they outperform the Prius (52 mpg (4.5 L/100km)) in most states. In the most populous states, BEVs beat the Prius by a substantial margin. And that result is going to get nothing but better in future.” “overall Prius source to wheels efficiency at 0.8*0.38 = about 30% efficiency. And that’s the best ICE car you can buy…even fueled by a modern gas power plant”

Good analysis and article by Paul Martin, Chemical process development expert, and EV and renewable energy advocate, on all-electric vehicles vs the highest efficiency hybrid vehicle available today.  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/energy-cycle-efficiency-vehicles-does-ev-really-win-paul-martin/

Another good article by Paul Martin which developed some of the analysis data for the above article.  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/so-exactly-how-much-electricity-does-take-produce-gallon-paul-martin/

New data from the US EPA on power plant greenhouse gas emissions are in, and electric vehicles (EV) in the US are even cleaner than they were before. The climate change emissions created by driving on electricity depend on where you live, but on average, an EV driving on electricity in the U.S. today is equivalent to a conventional gasoline car that gets 80 MPG, up from 73 MPG in our 2017 update.  As grids get greener, and EVs also become more efficient, the so-called “long tailpipe” of the EV gets shorter and shorter.  In all states except Hawaii, an efficient EV beats the most efficient ICE hybrid vehicle- in some locations by a factor of 3!