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Yes electric car newbies, Battery (only) Electric cars cost LESS to Maintain than conventional vehicles

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by S.E.Tice…

Battery (only) Electric cars (aka BEVs) cost LESS to Maintain than conventional ICE powered (internal combustion engine) vehicles – this is an universally agreed truth! 
(Also true, they cost LESS to Operate for the consumer, partly because they are ~3x more efficient than an ICE powered car, especially if the owner “fuels” up with their own solar electric panels, battery storage, net energy metering.  BEVs are the most efficient, as they use 80% of energy onboard to move the car down the road (much higher than conventional powered vehicles) but that subject is for another post)

You would be surprised to learn how many non-Tesla dealership sales people fail to mention either or both of these BEV advantages (BEV – Battery only Electric Vehicle).  BEVs cost less to maintain than conventional vehicles because:

1 – Significantly less mechanical brake maintenance from less wear due to regenerative or dynamic braking. BEVs recapture a portion of their kinetic energy for braking, by using the motor(s) as generator(s) to slow down the vehicle and put that energy back into the battery to extend range – rather than use of their mechanical brakes, which create heat and dust wearing down the pads and their rotors. (Even diesel-electric locomotives use dynamic braking, dissipating their captured energy into resistor banks, because they typically do not have battery banks OR, if they are grid tied, send the energy back to the grid.)

2 – The battery, motor, and associated electronics require little to no regular maintenance. There are fewer fluids to change than in a typical gas/diesel (ICE – internal combustion engine) powered vehicle.

3 – There are far fewer moving parts to wear out relative to a conventional ICE.

Maintenance is one of the 6 contributors to TCO – total cost of ownership. The other 5 are: Purchase, Insurance, Depreciation, Tax and “Fuel” Cost (whether dino-fuel or electric).
2015 study clearly shows lower maintenance costs in four regions around the world. Unfortunately, as far as “fueling costs”, this study does not seem to show the cost advantage of BEV owners fueling their vehicles with their own solar electric panels –…/new-study-finds-electric-vehic…/

BEVs also cost less to operate – (regen braking adds 15-20% to the overall efficiency) –…/a…/2017/11/cv-report-ev-savings.pdf…/2018-03-07-do-electric-veh…